Betsy Alison judges the Mega Byte - Sailing World's 2000 Boat of the Year.
Byte Boats teamed up with designer Bruce Farr to mastermind the Mega Byte - undoubtedly the best new performance one-design dinghy for 2000. Their goal was to create a boat that could be sailed with two crew or raced singlehanded. The result is a powerful and versatile 130-pound singlehander, which genuinely impressed the judges. Not only does it sail superbly on all points of sail, says Boat of the Year judge Greg Fisher, but it's loaded with cool, go-fast features: carbon-fiber mast, smartly engineered sail controls (including an adjustable traveler), aluminum foam-injected centerboard and rudder extrusions, and revolutionary mast step unit. After sailing it, it was clear to the judges that the Mega Byte will lead the evolution of the singlehanded racing dinghy.


Length 14 ft 3 ins.

Beam 5 ft 2 ins.

Weight - car top 130 lbs

Optimum singlehanded weight 225 lbs

Doublehanded crew weight 200 - 400 lbs

Construction GRP/foam sandwich

Spars by Fiberspar Carbon fiber

Foils Extruded aluminum

Sail, 100 sq.ft. cross-cut mylar Dimension Polyant PM05
Performance Sailcraft*
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*Previously Byte Boats Inc., the name was changed to Performance Sailcraft 2000 Inc. to reflect the Company's position as one of North American leading builders of high performance dinghies.