Megabyte Fleets

Fleet 1
Inter-West Fleet
(International West Coast Megabyte Fleet)

Region: North American West Coast
Launch Date: September 20, 2002
Fleet Captain: Phil Lockwood (email)

Fleet 2
US Eastern Fleet

Region:  North American Northeast
Launch Date: July 1, 2003
Home YC: Manchester YC, Manchester, MA
Fleet Captain: Schuyler Glidden (978-922-4299 / email)

Fleet 3
Northern California Fleet

Launch Date: September 13, 2006
Home YC: Folsom YC, Folsom, CA
Fleet Captain: Dean Eppley (email)

Class News

Congratulations to John Rouse, our 2007 Megabyte Midwinter Champion

Midwinter Results
Feb. 17-18, 2007, Palm Beach Sailing Club, FL

New Discussion Forum:
In reaction to the unfortunate spam on our previous discussion page, we installed a new discussion forum. We hope you'll once again be able to chat spam-free!

The final draft of the proposed Megabyte Class rules (click here) are now on the site and they embody all the proposals that have been received and deemed to have merit. Comment is invited on the chat page for the next seven weeks, after which we will send an email ballot to be returned by August 1st. There is reference in Rule 8 (j), to a safety boarding line. Details of this may be reached from the link below in the News Item, a Safe Idea.

A Safe Idea:  Some may have seen the discussion on the chat page about a possible solution to the problem of righting the boat when cold and tired. A prototype solution has been produced and photos of the system can now be seen - click here for PDF file.

Megabyte Testimonial:


Priscilla and I finished the rigging and have had several fine weather sailing days. We had a sailing party with my friend Roger Robichaud (who is a sailing instructor in Maryland). Roger took his fiancÚ sailing on the Megabyte and got hit with gusty winds from 2 different directions concurrently, capsized, and his fiancÚ had to swim (with life preserver) all the way back. Everybody is fine and very happy with the Megabyte. I have had some wild sailing trips and so far have not capsized. The bailors work perfectly.

I am writing to express my appreciation for your (my) fine sailing boat and your excellent and personalized service in assisting us in rigging this boat. We are delighted.

Best wishes to you and yours, thanks again,
John W Davis, June 2004

2000 Boat
of the Year

Performance Sailcraft* teamed up with Farr Yacht Design, Ltd. to mastermind the Mega Byte - undoubtedly the best new performance one-design dinghy for 2000. Their goal was to create a boat that could be sailed with two crew or raced singlehanded.

Long before Farr Yacht Design Ltd. established its presence as one of the preeminent designers of offshore racing yachts, Bruce Farr and partner Russ Bowler had already established themselves as world class dinghy designers and helmsmen.

So, while a dinghy design by the Farr office might be a surprise to some, it was not to Ian Bruce, himself an international calibre dinghy sailor and one of the owners of Performance Sailcraft*, who just happened to be looking for a new boat for his company.

*Previously Byte Boats Inc., the name was changed to Performance Sailcraft 2000 Inc. to reflect the Company's position as one of North American leading builders of high performance dinghies.